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DExperts Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd founded in 2018 in response to the need for an experienced and highly skilled implementation partner in the Big Data space.

We know today’s organizations face an explosion of data from more sources than ever before. As a result, many customers are rethinking their approach to traditional enterprise storage and architecture to utilize and strategize with big data technologies. Storing and managing these huge pools of information is a challenge for many enterprises. But Big Data analytics also offers significant opportunities and our consultants can help meet such business needs.

Today, DExperts Analytics is one of the largest providers of pure MPP databases like Teradata, Pivotal, Vertica, Hana based solutions in India. The company employs a team of highly skilled Big Data consultants located in Delhi and Pune in India. Our consultants are specialist in MPP databases based analytics solutions for leading customers around the world and offer complete services to meet customer need.


  • We have extensive expertise in Implementation, Migration, Upgrade and Support services.
  • We are the best in providing services in Big Data and robust problem solvers.
  • We leverage our vast knowledge base to provide best practices, resolve bottlenecks and ensure successful delivery.
  • We process knowledge beyond product manual.
  • We have a pool of experienced consultants who are flexible to help you address your business need.

Our expert consultants help deliver Big Data analytics solutions using Teradata, Vertica, Pivotal to help you strengthen your IT foundation and realize new possibilities that enable accelerated growth. We help customers to improve operational efficiency and lower the risk with enterprise data solutions.


DExperts Analytical Solutions has considerable experience in leading the design and implementation of software, across a wide range of industries including finance, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, transportation, retail and more.

Our clients include medium to large public and private organizations, many of which are leaders in their field.

Committed to understanding and helping our clients achieve their goals, DExperts is focused on delivering projects faster and with less risk.


Our experienced professionals will collaborate with your team every step of the way to ensure we understand your goals and requirements. Our people are technically proficient and experienced problem solvers who understand the importance of change management. Our employees are the key to the company’s exceptional client service and industry-leading growth. The nurturing and challenging environment within the organization provides our employees with opportunities to build successful careers and actualize themselves. They will leverage a vast knowledge base to provide best practice methodologies, resolve bottlenecks and ensure successful deployment of solutions.

What’s more, we are flexible in our client engagements and can tailor an arrangement to satisfy the unique needs of your business. Get more than what you think from DExperts.


our services

Consulting Services

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. Dexperts provide consultancy on various technology-enabled business solutions that help enterprise organizations optimize and maximize on valuable IT investments.

Assessment Services

Our assessment experts provide you with guidance and expertise when designing a big data solution.Our aim is to understand what our Stakeholders aim to achieve and the benefits the quality standard can achieve in any given industry sector. We aim to deliver a boutique style of service for quality standards to improve standards in their sectors.

Implementation Services

Lower total cost of ownership to stay focused on your core business. Our Implementation Services help by providing expert assistance to develop implementation plans and to validate, migrate, and integrate new technologies in your network.

Migration Services

With the down economy putting pressure on technology refreshes, data migration services and tools are becoming more important to customers. Their data continues to grow, but during a refresh, they may need to buy a lesser class of storage hardware than they now have installed. At Dexperts, we offer data migration solutions that give you the ability to transfer data to your choice of various platforms either on-premise or into the cloud.

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our services

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Database and Warehouse Technology

Database and Warehouse Technology

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

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